Enflasyon ve Dezenflasyonun İktisadı (Economics of Inflation and Disinflation)

Economics of Inflation & Disinflation
with Special Reference to Turkish Inflation Experience

 Basics of Economics of Inflation & Disinflation:  Biz/edInflation / The Causes of Inflation / The Problems Associated with Inflation IEAOverview of Inflation BoEWhat is Inflation? BoEWhat Causes Inflation? BoECosts and Inflation SiklosInflation and Hyperinflation FischerSahay & VéghModern Hyper- and High Inflation AgénorInflation and Disinflation AgénorInflation and Short-Run Dynamics AgénorAn Overview of Stabilization Programs AgénorAnalytical Issues in Disinflation Programs AgénorEmpirical Models of Stabilization AgénorThe Political Economy of Stabilization and Adjustment Calvo & VéghInflation Stabilization and BOP Crises in Developing Countries MelbergInflation: An Overview of Theories and Solutions WB/IBRDInflation Tax KleimanEarly Inflation Tax Theory and Estimates (html) CBKCauses, Effects and Cures of Inflation Dr. EconWhat is deflation and how is it different from disinflation?
 Selected Books and Surveys on Inflation & Disinflation: Friedman (1963)Inflation: Causes and Consequences Friedman (1971)Government Revenue from Inflation Cagan (1974)Inflation and Market Structure, 1967-1973 Laidler (1975)Essays on Money and Inflation Friedman (1977)Nobel Lecture: Inflation and Unemployment Cagan (1979)Persistent Inflation: Historical and Policy Essays Frisch (1984)Theories of Inflation Bruno (1988)Inflation Stabilization Bruno (1991)High Inflation and the Nominal Anchors of an Open Economy Bruno & Fischer (1991)Lessons of Economic Stabilization and Its Aftermath Dornbusch (1991)Exchange Rates and Inflation McCallum (1991)Inflation: Theory and Evidence Beckerman (1992)The Economics of High Inflation Leiderman (1993)Inflation and Disinflation: The Israeli Experiment Rowley (1994)Hyperinflation in Germany: Perceptions of a Process Barkai (1995)The Lessons of Israel’s Great Inflation Siklos (1995)Great Inflations of the 20th Century: Theories, Policies and Evidence Heymann & Leijonhufvud (1995)High Inflation Romer & Romer (eds.) (1997)Reducing Inflation: Motivation and Strategy Cottarelli & Szapary (1998)Moderate Inflation: The Experience of Transition Economies Cottarelli (1999)Disinflation in Transition, 1993-97 Feldstein (ed.) (1999)The Costs and Benefits of Price Stability Palairet (2000)The Four Ends of the Greek Hyperinflation of 1941-1946 BIS (2000/2001)Empirical Studies of Structural Changes and Inflation BIS (2001)Modelling Aspects of the Inflation Process and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Emerging Market Countries Dabrowski (ed.) (2001)Disinflation, Monetary Policy and Fiscal Constraints: Experience of the Economics in Transition Catao & Terrones (2001)Fiscal Deficits and Inflation – A New Look at the Emerging Market Evidence
 Research on Inflation and Disinflation in Turkey KibritçioğluSelected Studies from 1962 to 2004 – Türkiye’deki Enflasyonla İlgili Seçilmiş Yayınlar KibritçioğluOil Price Increases and Inflation – Petrol ve Akaryakıt Fiyat Artışları ve Enflasyon EconPapersWorking Papers and Articles on “Turkish Inflation” IMFWorking Papers and Articles on “Inflation in Turkey” KibritçioğluCauses of Inflation in Turkey: A Literature Survey with Special Reference to Theories of Inflation KibritçioğluRittenberg & Selçuk (2002)Inflation and Disinflation in Turkey ErçelTürkiye’de Enflasyon Üzerine Bilimsel Çalışmalar
 Papers & Articles on Inflation in the World: EconPapersWorking Papers and Articles on “High Inflation” NBERWorking Papers on “Inflation” (1974-2001) FEDPapers and Articles on “Inflation” (1965-1996) FEDPapers and Articles on “Inflation” (1997-2001) IMFPapers and Articles on “Inflation”
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 Turkish Inflation Data and Actual News on Inflation: DİEState Institute of Statistics İTO : The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce TCMBCentral Bank’s Electronic Data Delivery System DPTState Planing Organization’s Main Economic Indicators KibritçioğluTurkish Inflation in Graphs Dünya GazetesiEnflasyon Haberleri Finansal Forum GazetesiEnflasyon Haberleri ntv-MS-NBCEnflasyon Haberleri NetHaber.comEnflasyon Haberleri www.enflasyonsuz.com
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